Women's Hormone Level Blood Testing - New Patient

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Non - fasting, best to draw in morning due to usual peak time for hormone levels.  If you are also getting lipids as part of a weight loss consult, you will need to be fasting.

Note:  Sales price ONLY applies to online pre-purchase, to be drawn at your local LabCorp collection site.  Insurance will not be billed for labs when pre-paying online.  At the time of your blood draw check-in, verify that the labs are "client bill" and not insurance or patient bill.  If the draw facility does not enter as "client bill", you and/or your insurance could be charged $1,260.  The physician office is the "client", so Labcorp will bill us directly under "client bill".

377920 BioTE Female New Patient Pre-Pellet Panel - Labcorp

                            Estradiol, Testosterone, T

                            FSH, TSH, T3, Free, T4, Total

                            TPO, CBC, CMP, Vitamin D, 25 OH

                            Vitamin B12